Thursday, July 9, 2020
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UCI Starts The NEw Year By Modernizing Its Payroll Systems

by: Ian Silver

photo credit: Kate Rutz-Robbins

The University of California launched an update which modernized its payroll system with its new project, UCPath, on Jan. 1, 2020. These changes replaced the nearly 40-year-old system that had been in place, meaning that all UC employees ensure that their personal information is up to date within the system. This includes student employees, such as Teaching Assistants, on campus food court employees, and library assistants. 

The modernization will both unify and standardize “payroll benefits, and human resources for all UC employees,” according to the UCPath Project website.

For employees to prepare for the switch, it is recommended that they make sure their information in their “At Your Service Online (AYSO)”  portal is updated and correct, specifically their address. It is also recommended that employees set up direct deposit.

Following these updates, all employees must sign up for duo multi-factor authentication to improve security. As part of the system update and specific to student employees, they will receive a new employee ID but will not need to get a new student ID card. 

With the new system, student employees will need to follow some simple steps, which were outlined in a presentation given by UCPath Organizational Change, Communication and Training Manager Debbie Kistler at an ASUCI meeting on Oct. 29. Students need to set up 5 security questions, and answer some demographic and gender identification questions in addition to confirming other types of information.

As part of the update, the Employee Self Service (ESS) portal will now allow employees to view their paychecks and update personal information like emergency contacts, mailing addresses and other personal info.

For any employee experiencing issues with their paycheck, they can contact their supervisors or the Employee Experience Center.