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The Stolen Truth of NikkieTutorials

Nikkie de Jager, better known by her Youtube channel name Nikkietutorials, released a video titled “I’m Coming Out” on Monday, Jan. 13. The beauty blogger came out to her 13 Million “Glow Babies” as a transgender woman who fully transitioned while growing her following on YouTube over the last 11 years. De Jager mentioned that she had always wanted to come out to her fans on her own terms, but that someone took that opportunity away from her: “I have been blackmailed by people who wanted to leak my story to the press.” De Jager continued, “To the people that really thought they could blackmail me and mess up my life, this one’s for you,” middle finger raised.  

After this news broke out, many people began to speculate who exactly blackmailed her. A YouTube channel called Tea Spill introduced the possibility that perhaps Lisa Blandino, sister of Jerrod Blandino (CEO of the makeup company Too Faced), could be the individual who threatened to leak de Jager’s true identity. Blandino’s Instagram bio read, “Transgender huh? That’s not the only thing she’s been LYING about.” After a few hours she changed her bio to, “Let’s be clear, I love trans people, & dislike anyone who lies to hurt others! Period!” It is unknown whether or not Blandino blackmailed de Jager, but one thing is certain: based on her comments, she does not support the beauty guru.  
In 2016, Too Faced and de Jager collaborated on a makeup palette. It was estimated that Too Faced made around 100 million dollars because of their collaboration, but, according to Jeffree Star, de Jager only took home “a flat fee of 50,000.” Star stated that de Jager took ‘dirt’ home, as the amount she received was nothing compared to the amount the company pocketed. In Oct. 2019, when all news broke out about their collaboration, de Jager tweeted that she learned a lesson from that experience.

Nikkie received a huge amount of support from her fans and celebrities via social media platforms. Jeffree Star showed his support on Twitter.

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Other celebrities like Ariana Grande and Gigi Hadid left loving comments on de Jager’s Instagram. Companies such as Sephora, Maybelline and Haus Laboratories also commented on de Jager’s most recent post.

Nikkie de Jager had her choice of coming out taken away from her. However, she gained back her power by breaking free and sharing her true identity with the world, hoping to help people who might be feeling the same way today.  

By: Gitzel Carvajal