Thursday, July 9, 2020
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“Seasons” Docu-Series begins a new era for Justin Bieber

By: Gitzel Carvajal

Justin Bieber collaborated with YouTube to release a documentary titled “Seasons” on Jan. 27. The first episode of the documentary, “Leaving the Spotlight,” focuses on when Bieber announced his Purpose World Tour in 2015. However, after performing over 100 shows and touring for over a year, the Canadian singer announced his cancellation of the last 14 shows of his tour. Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun recalled the day the popstar gave him the news. 

“I remember the day he didn’t want to keep going, he just needed a break from it all and wanted to feel normal again,” Braun said. 

In 2019, Bieber revisited his hometown of Stratford, Ontario during his three-year break. During his visit, he was reminded of his most vivid childhood memories. For instance, there is a scene where Bieber visits the stairs of a building where he used to perform as an aspiring artist as well as an apartment complex he lived in for 10 years during his upbringing. 

“I remember I used to tell my friends that my apartment had a bowling alley downstairs,” joked Bieber when remembering the foolish lie he told his friends, perhaps remembering the time he lived a more normal and less demanding life. After reconnecting with his past, Bieber spoke more about the difficulties humans encounter for the simple fact of being human, which may explain his decision to take a three-year break.   

“Being human is challenging for everybody, I think we are all struggling to some degree. We all have our individual pains, fears, worries and anxieties,” Bieber said. 

That same year, Ariana Grande invited Bieber to perform as her special guest at Coachella. After contemplating, Bieber performed and shocked everyone when he announced that he would be coming back on stage very soon. After making his announcement, Bieber’s face was filled with excitement; he was alive again, and this signified a new era for him. Bieber asserted that taking time off gave him the opportunity to find love, as he married model Hailey Baldwin in 2018, and helped him reach a healthier state of mind. He realized that performing was the final piece he needed. By working on the new album, it was time for him to return to the world of music as a new and improved artist. 

“When you are doing what you are good at … you are where you’re supposed to be,” said Bieber with great confidence. 

The second episode, “Bieber is Back,” begins by previewing the first six months of Bieber working on his new album “Changes” with songwriter Poo Bear. The album title “Changes” may represent Bieber’s remaking of himself during his time away from the big screen. Creative director Ryan Good and producer Josh Gudwin, who both have been by Bieber’s side since the beginning of his career mentioned this was the right time for Bieber to return to the world of music after making many changes to his life. 

Bieber dedicated the most recently released episode called, “Justin and Hailey,” to his marriage. The two lovers first met when Bieber was on a morning show and he remembered her because she was not excited to meet him like any other young girl. 

“All the other girls cared, but she didn’t,” he said. 

Ever since he was young, Bieber always knew he wanted to get married. When referring to his marriage, he said he was really happy about it and that his wife is “the sickest girl in the game.” The couple has great chemistry and a lot of patience for one another. As a result, they work very well together. Even after being married for two years, Bieber confessed that his wife still makes him nervous, as his songs are about her and his love for her. 

 “It’s really hard being the muse of a whole album,” she said jokingly.

It is clear that the couple were meant for one another; she inspires and guides him to do better and create new music while he loves her unconditionally. However, one thing is clear Bieber is using his marriage and confidence to perhaps show the world he can still create good music. His confidence has led him to release this documentary series in hopes to attract attention to his new album. Bieber’s goal is to reach the Top 100 chart again, as he used to do when he was a young popstar. In the meantime, fans must wait for a new episode of “Seasons” along with Bieber’s new album, which will be released on Feb. 14.