Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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Disneyland Announces Socal Ticket Deal Ahead of the New Star Wars Ride

By: Chloe Cheyenne Mosier

Disneyland Resort reintroduced the SoCal Resident ticket deal in anticipation of its newest  attraction, the Rise of the Resistance ride in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. 

Residents can buy a three day, One-Park-Per-Day pass for $199, or a three day park-hopper pass for $254. This offer is valid from Jan. 7 to May 21. However, the last day to purchase tickets is May 18. 

Tickets also come with one Magic Morning early admission on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday. Magic Morning early admission allows guests to enter an hour early for either California Adventure or Disneyland.

On Jan. 17, Disneyland opened up a new ride, the Rise of the Resistance. It was originally planned to be opened in May 2019, but due to complications with the trackless ride system, imagineers decided to delay the ride’s opening date.

The ride is located in Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, the biggest single-theme land expansion for Disney. Galaxy’s Edge had been an anticipated attraction at Disneyland since 2014 and finally opened on April 29, 2019. 

“It’s not just an attraction as much as an adventure,” the managing story editor for Margaret Kerrison said. Galaxy Edge is made to be fully immersive—Rise of the Resistance uses trackless vehicles, motion simulators and holograms throughout the ride. Cast members and animatronics greet visitors as they wait to enter the ride. 

In order for attendees to get onto the 15 minute ride, they have to enter an online queue to reserve a spot for the ride. On opening day, the ride reached capacity within a minute of it being opened.