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ASUCI Hosts Winter Vendor Fair

ASUCI hosted their Holiday Vendor Fair featuring a variety of stalls selling food, clothing and accessories along the Outer Ring Road near the Student Center on Feb. 10 to Feb. 14 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Students were able to purchase crepes and craft beverages from Woo’s, bulgogi fries, spicy rice cakes and rice dishes from Seoul Street as well as tacos and burritos from a Mexican food stand. Other snack options included Hummus from Baba Foods, pound cakes from Dolce Monachelli’s and mochi ice cream from Mochi Imuraya.

Students were also able to browse stalls selling books, clothing, jewelry, plushies, keychains, stickers, pins and much more. M2M, a booth featuring “cultural and creative merchandise” made in Taiwan, sold products such as wooden “key houses,” absorbent ceramic coasters, postcards with little cut out figures that can be displayed on stands, boba accessories and other items representative of popular Taiwanese culture.

“Our boss graduated from [UCI], and we have some employees from UCI as well, and they told us that every quarter there is a vendor fair,” M2M employee Daniel Yang said.

Another stall featured the wares of Los Angeles contemporary jewelry store London Manori. The stall featured handmade rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets made from sterling silver and 14 karat gold fill — a layer of gold bonded to a base metal.

“London Manori started about 12 years ago with my wife, her name is Aneela Manori, so that’s how we got London Manori because London is my last name,” co-founder Brett London said. “We make all our stuff, we have a studio in Los Angeles, and we focus on making contemporary jewelry for men and women that can go with any outfit, whether its recreational, athletic or getting dressed up.”

Zot Bicycle, a bike shop on campus, held a booth with signs announcing 40% off all bikes in the stall as part of a liquidation sale.

“We’re liquidating all our bikes and they’re all brand new bikes — 2019 and up models,” Zot Bicycle associate Gene Ordonez said, “We’re liquidating them so we don’t have to move all these bikes to our new location.”

Zot Bicycle will be moving to their new location Saturday, the 29th, and their liquidation sale ends the day before on the 28th. The new store will be located on the corner of Main and Von Karman

According to Vendor Fair Commissioner Daniel Martinez, the goal of the vendor fair is to connect students with local businesses who can sell their products to individuals on campus. In recent years, ASUCI has not only worked on expanding its Vendor Fair but has also made an effort to establish a closer connection with the students on campus.

According to ASUCI Engineering Senator Bryce Lindsey, ASUCI is projected to bring  in about $28,000 – $30,000 for the 2019 to 2020 fiscal year from hosting the vendor fairs.

“This year, the ASUCI Vendor Fair remains focused on recruiting more potential new vendors to participate at our Vendor Fair, increase community engagement with our students through having student DJ’s perform and connecting our student body with our undergraduate student government (ASUCI),”  Martinez said.

Students were not restricted to purchasing; they could also open their own stalls to promote and sell their own products.

“The ASUCI Vendor Fair offers a platform for student vendors to sell their products to our UCI Community at a discounted rate ($250.00 for a 10 x 10 booth) and provides a space for students to buy gifts or other products for themselves or others,” Martinez said.

The Vendor Fair is a decades-long tradition on campus which allows students to experience different small businesses in the area.

“According to some of the vendors, they have been here for 20 [plus] years, attending the ASUCI-UCI Vendor Fair,” Martinez said. 

Ethan Johnson is a Campus News Intern for the 2020 winter quarter. He can be reached at