Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Disneyland Raises Prices For General Admission And Passes

Disney raised its general admission, annual pass, and MaxPass prices, with some one-day passes surpassing $200 for the first time on Feb. 13. They also expanded their five-tier price scheme, charging more for days with higher demand.

(Sydney Huang)

“A visit to our parks is the best value in entertainment bar none, and we offer flexible choices to enable families to choose what’s best for them,” Disneyland spokeswoman Liz Jaeger said in an interview with the LA Times.

Prices for the lowest demand days in March, which are Tuesdays or Wednesdays, will remain unchanged with a one-day, one-park ticket costing $104. For peak days, which are Saturday and Sunday, ticket prices increased from $149 to $154.

For park hopper tickets, prices increased from $154 to $159 for the lowest demand days, and from $199 to $209 for peak days. 

The MaxPass, an electronic pass allowing visitors to digitally book reservations for rides and attractions, increased from $15 to $20.

Parking remains at a flat rate of $25 per day.

Annual passes also experienced a price increase of anywhere between 5% to 13%. The Select Pass, which is Disney’s most affordable option that requires reservations for some days and blocks out holidays and peak-demand days, increased from $399 to $419. The Premier Pass, granting access to both Disneyland in Anaheim and DisneyWorld in Orlando with no blackout dates, increased from $1,949 to $2,199.

This marks the first time ticket prices have been raised since the $1 billion alien spaceport, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, expansion a little over 13 months ago. Disney initially posted a 3% decrease in attendance after the opening but most recently reported a 2% increase.

“We know that crowding can be an issue and that when our parks are the most crowded, the guest experience is not what we would like it to be,” Disney CEO Bob Iger said. “So, we’re leveraging the popularity to obviously increase pricing and to spread the demand to get much more strategic about how we’re pricing.”

Despite the annual price hikes, attendance at the theme park has steadily increased each year. A LA Times analysis in 2017 showed higher prices did not shorten wait times.

“At this point, I’d rather just take my family to Europe,” longtime Disney annual pass holder and father of 4, Luis Montejano said. “Between the tickets, hotel and food, it’s just as expensive to go somewhere in Europe for a week.”

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