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Stereoscope Coffee Co. Now Open In Newport Beach

Stereoscope Coffee Co., a popular Buena Park-based coffee shop, opened a new location near the UCI campus in Newport Beach on Monday, March 2. 

The new Newport location will have delivery service through GrubHub and Postmates and will offer new menu options like sandwiches and salads, a unique addition to their new shop. As a growing coffee storefront in Orange County they are making each new store have a different theme. 

“Each store will have their own Motif,” Hannah Kim, the regional manager, said. 

Stereoscope’s CEO and co-founder Leif An is a certified Arabica Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), meaning that he can identify the highest quality grade Arabica coffee beans. He roasts the beans in-house at the Los Angeles Arts District roaster/lab.

(Christina Reyes)

Drink menu items include pour-overs and a wide range of coffee drinks, including espressos, cortados, kyotos, cold brews and lattes. Stereoscope has added healthy food to their Newport Beach menu. With the help of a Bestia Su Chef, the menu includes flavorful sandwiches, a variety of salads and a range of pastries, including a vegan strawberry donut.

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Most of their plating is crisp, white ceramics, except for the wooden oval plate they put the tea and coffee pots and cups on. The store provides 3-D glasses for customers to admire the large, dark, underwater 3-D ceiling mural by Chrissy Lee Rodgers. Visitors may also choose to relax in the small sitting room, where jazz music plays softly in the background.

There is no cream and sugar station at Stereoscope because they encourage guests to taste the flavors of the specialty coffee.

“The cream and sugar people are used to putting in their coffee can make bright blends sour tasting … I drink my coffee black, but there are many people who are used to cream and sugar, and we will give them it upon request, we just want to encourage drinking the coffee without it,” Kim said. 

There are two locations now in Orange County and two more will be opening in L.A. The Arts District shop is open already, and another location will be coming to Echo Park in the spring or summer time. 

The Newport Beach location of Stereoscope is open every day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Visit their website or Instagram for more information. 

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