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Orange County Moves Into Stage Two of California’s Resilience Roadmap

The City of Irvine announced on May 23 that Orange County had officially been given permission to move into the second stage of California’s Resilience Roadmap.

Stage One was the Safety and Preparedness stage in which local businesses were shut down and face coverings were made mandatory for entry to all still-open businesses.

Stage Two involves re-opening certain, low-risk workplaces with certain adaptations. In a press release, Orange County stated that businesses such as in-person dining reservations, retail shopping with social distancing and curbside pickup, manufacturing, offices (when working remotely is not possible), outdoor museums and limited public services such as buses will be allowed to reopen.

While the county is allowing some businesses to re-open, they’re encouraging business owners to review the state’s guidelines for reopening. These guidelines include performing a detailed risk assessment, training employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, implementing individual control measures, implementing disinfecting protocols and implementing physical distancing procedures.

Former Orange County Health Officer Dr. Nichole Quick issued a new order on May 23 with strong recommendations to “help slow the spread of COVID-19.” The new order informs business owners of the aforementioned state guidelines for re-opening businesses with additional guidelines for individuals who are unable to comply with social distancing face-covering procedures. 

Despite strict guidelines for face-covering procedures, the order specified certain exceptions to the rule.

“The cloth face-covering Order SHALL NOT APPLY to children under the age of two; anyone who has trouble breathing, or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face-covering without assistance; persons with a medical or mental health condition, or development disability that prevents wearing a cloth face-covering,” the order states.

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