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2020 Electoral Outcome: UCI Student Reactions

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Joe Biden was announced to be the President-elect, with Kamala Harris as his Vice President-elect, on Nov. 7 after a four-day wait for the election results. There has been a wide scope of reactions to this verdict, many of which are from college students who made up a large part of the voting pool. 

According to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE), “[m]ore than 7 million young people (ages 18-29) have already voted early or absentee in the 2020 elections, including over 4 million in 14 key states that may well decide the presidency and control of the United States Senate.” UCI was among one of many college campuses that provided polling locations to increase voter turnout. 

UCI Decide provided information to encourage students to vote. Three polling locations were located on campus for student and faculty voting convenience. Two in-person voting centers were open from Oct. 30 to Nov. 3 at the UCI Student Center and the University Hills Community Center. One official ballot drop box was located in Mesa Court’s Lot 5. 

In a previous article, the New University asked students about their feelings regarding the 2020 general election. Campus News is dedicating this article to UCI student responses following the election outcome.

Jennifer Cheong, second year literary journalism student: “Just hoping that things change for the better and doesn’t stop here.”

Haley Dyson, fourth year English student: “My first reaction was relief, like I could finally breathe again. This is a good first step, but there’s still so much work to be done for LGBTQ+, BLM, etc.”

David Andrews, fourth year criminology, law and society student: “Will Trump’s legal retaliation hold any weight?”

Stefan Jones, second year literary journalism student: “This is an improvement, but Biden and Kamala aren’t our knights and shining armor. Still working to be done. I’m happy Trump lost, yet pessimistic about Biden and Kamala’s until proven otherwise.”

Christopher Piazza, fourth year literary journalism student: “It’s the day where the country can start healing and work for change and unity.”

Marcus Carrillo, fourth year film and media studies student: “I’m trying to find a balance of being hopeful and critical. Things still seem so unclear.”

Adaeze Oduma, third year education sciences student: “One of them being non-Black people, “dropping an act” and no longer criticizing leadership.”

Isabella Darling, third year business administration student: “I look forward to four years of keeping Joe accountable and not just blindly following everything he says and does, unlike what we saw from countless Trump supporters these last four years. Just because he is president and has my vote and support does not mean I will not recognize his flaws and disagree with him or his policies.”

Joshua Escalada, first year biomedical engineering student: “I feel like I can finally exhale and breathe in the fresh air. After four years of holding my breath and choking on toxic fumes, I can finally take one deep inhale and breathe knowing that the future will be okay.”

Ralph Gibson, second year student: “I’m feeling quite relieved, almost to the point where I never realized just how much of a weight I was carrying these past few years. I’m more optimistic about the future, for me and the disenfranchise

Tatum Larsen is a 2020-2021 Campus News Co-Editor. She can be reached at

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