Monday, December 6, 2021
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ZotPass Requirements and Updates

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Since fall quarter began, students on campus have been asked to show their ZotPass in compliance with requirements set by the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program, which include daily symptom checks and any required asymptomatic testing. 

“Adherence to the requirements helps combat the spread of COVID-19 by breaking the chain of infection,” UCI Student Affairs Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief of Staff Edgar J. Dormitorio said. “Students should perform the daily symptom check to make it a habit to determine if they have symptoms and follow up with the Student Health Center so that they do not risk spreading the infection to roommates, family members, classmates or friends.”

In order to access their ZotPass, students must go to their UCI email and respond to the “Daily Symptom Check” email with a “No” if they are feeling no symptoms, “Yes” if they are and “Not on campus today” if they are not on campus that day. After 10 to 15 minutes, another email will be sent back with a green or red ZotPass depending on the response.

There is also the mobile app ServiceNow, which requires a username and password that registers you with the university. The app sends notifications on when “Daily Symptom Checks” can be completed.

Once students have a green ZotPass, they’re able to enter dining halls, the Anteater Recreation Center (ARC), the FRESH Basic Needs Hub academic advising offices and other university facilities that require a green ZotPass. 

Certain club meetings require green ZotPasses to enter, and professors may ask to see one for office hours. In those cases, it’s up to the club or professor and is not mandated by the university.

Some students believe ZotPasses are a good way to keep the campus safe and healthy. 

“In hopes that students are truthful, it’s good to evaluate yourself to check for symptoms and protect others in case you are showing some,” first year psychological sciences student Kyla Goff-Tutson said. “It doesn’t take much time out of your day to complete it, so I feel like it’s more beneficial than harmful.”

Others believe ZotPasses are not as helpful as they are supposed to be. 

“The thing about ZotPasses is they leave the decision of whether people have symptoms or not up to the student,” first year student business administration Tyler Merrill said. “Most people don’t want to go through the trouble that comes along with pressing yes.”

The list of places that require ZotPasses continues to grow as the year goes on. According to Dormitorio, UCI will soon implement ZotPass “drop-ins” during fall quarter. Students who have a green ZotPass will be rewarded. 

Sabrina Contreras is a Campus News Intern for the fall 2021 quarter. She can be reached at