Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Instagram Account ‘Toilets of UCI’ Rates Campus Bathrooms

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An Instagram account called Toilets of UCI (@toiletsofuci) is determined to give honest reviews of each restroom on campus and beyond. 

The page is run by two anonymous users who created their account at the start of October. 

“We never knew we were going to start this account until the idea came to us,” one of the account owners said. “We were standing in line at the new Sanrio store at UTC and were joking around about the funny gimmick [and] anonymous meme accounts we’d see on social media. That’s when my friend said how funny it would be if someone were to review every toilet here on campus.” 

Immediately after their discussion, the two decided to create the account. 

Each post by Toilets of UCI consists of a picture of the building that houses the featured restroom, and each restroom is rated based on standards of quality, cleanliness, supplies, flush power and overall experience. 

The page’s first post, which rated the restroom of the Anthill Pub and Grille, was uploaded on Oct. 7. According to the post, the restroom was clean, had average supplies and featured very strong flush power. Overall, they described their experience as average, citing thin toilet paper and clean floors. 

The Human Resources restroom has one of the top ratings on the page. 

“Very boujee! extremely fancy with marble flooring and gold colored tiles on the walls. Good and fancy with even a tampon dispenser and bottles of cologne. A must-poop location!” the post read.

On the other end, the Arroyo Vista Frat House had the worst bathroom rating.

“This toilet (at least the one that’s working) is exactly what you’d expect. Filthy, stinky, and slow. The flush requires the user to hold down the lever for the entirety of the flush, and that’s only if the person who went before you decided to flush too. UCI poopers beware!” the post read. 

Toilets of UCI doesn’t only post about on-campus bathrooms. Recently, they have also rated the bathrooms located at the University Town Center (UTC).

“A real hidden gem that’s right off campus is surprisingly at the [UTC] Taco Bell. You’d assume the opposite, but it’s really clean and well taken care of!” one of the account owners said. 

The account owners didn’t expect their Instagram page to gain much attention, but they have started building a following. The page has garnered over 950 followers as of Nov. 10. 

“I hope that the account can go on forever, with new admins coming in throughout the years,” one of the owners said. “[There are] more and more buildings being built here each year, and with every building comes a new toilet!”

Sabrina Contreras is a Campus News Intern for the fall 2021 quarter. She can be reached at