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City of Irvine Takes Part in This Year’s ‘Invest in Our Planet’ Earth Day

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With Earth Day 2022 approaching on April 22, the city of Irvine is taking part in a number of events throughout the month established through the city’s environmental programs to promote environmental awareness and sustainable living habits among residents. 

In its commitment to the preservation of the ocean, clean water and marine life, the Wyland Foundation unifies members of the community through its educative and interactive programs. Irvine Mayor Farrah N. Khan has engaged in the foundation’s National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. For the month of April, community members pledge to conserve water and energy with financial incentives and rewards offered to the cities with the greatest city engagement. 

“The National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation offers each of us a chance to do our part. I invite our community to join me in celebrating Earth Month by taking the pledge today and committing to reducing water use, energy and more — it only takes a minute, and EVERY DROP COUNTS,” Khan stated

The city will also be hosting a variety of events throughout the month for residents of all ages in its celebration of this year’s “Invest in Our Planet” Earth Day. Interactive craft workshops offered to children ages three to 12 provide educational opportunities to learn more about the environment. Outdoor guided hikes, a compost giveaway event and a webinar on how to reduce one’s carbon footprint are among other activities planned for Irvine residents. Online fliers detailing each event and registration steps can be found on the City of Irvine’s Earth Day 2022 website

Advocating for more sustainable and eco-friendly practices is an ongoing mission for the Irvine Environmental Programs Department. Beyond participating in the city’s Earth Day events, conserving water and energy, reducing waste and recycling are all habits encouraged by the city of Irvine. 

Looking to expand on this ongoing mission, Khan has set out to launch the Cool Irvine Campaign with the goal of reaching carbon neutrality by 2030. Established and operated by the Climate Moonshot Team, the campaign aims to educate about topics including disaster resilience, carbon reduction, water stewardship and neighborhood livability. These topics, aligned with the Cool Block Program, provide a unique and comprehensive method for approaching environmental sustainability. 

“Cool Irvine is a groundbreaking approach to reach community wide and inclusive sustainability that aligns with the city’s strategic priorities to improve our natural environment, traffic and mobility, organizational excellence, quality of life and physical strength,” Khan said at the Cool Irvine Launch Event. 

For a list of events hosted throughout the month for Earth Day 2022 by Irvine Environmental Programs and for more information about ways to live more sustainably, visit

Mariam Hasan is a City News Intern for the spring 2022 quarter. She can be reached at