Friday, April 23, 2021

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Christina Acevedo

UCI Student Receives 2020 Strauss Scholarship

UCI junior and cognitive sciences major Karishma Muthukumar has received the 2020 Strauss Scholarship. Provided by the Donald A. Strauss Public Service Scholarship Foundation...

Student Removed from UCI Sewer Pipe

A UCI student who was stranded in the university sewer system was rescued by the UCI Police Department and Irvine firefighters on Nov. 1 at around 10:37 p.m.

CALPIRG Runs Plastic Reduction and Zero Hunger Campaigns on Campus

UCI’s CALPIRG chapter is pushing the university to ban single-use plastics through their fall campaign, which aims to have the UC system eliminate single-use plastics by 2022.

The UCI Police Department Responds to Accidents on Arroyo Drive

Due to growing concerns about pedestrian safety, in particular around Arroyo Drive, the UCI Police Department has aimed to decrease traffic accidents through education and greater enforcement of traffic laws.

Petition Created for Pedestrian Safety On Arroyo Drive

In response to recent accidents on Arroyo Drive, UCI senior Julien Goavec began a petition two weeks ago on proposing street modifications to increase pedestrian safety.

Update on the state of rowland hall

In response to the recent concerns regarding the allegedly dangerous amounts of asbestos discovered in Rowland Hall during construction, James S. Nowick, Department of Chemistry chair, has indicated that the building is and has been safe throughout construction.

Mesa Unida Pushes for the Creation of A Latinx Resource Center

The creation of a Latinx Resource Center (LRC) at UCI has been pushed for since 2017 by the student organization Mesa Unida. Following its approval, the group’s work has shifted towards acquiring the necessary resources needed to make the center a valuable asset for students.

Anteater Wins Season 15 of “So You Think You Can Dance”

UCI dance major Hannahlei Cabanilla, an 18-year-old American-Filipina dancer, recently won season 15 of the reality television show So You Think You Can Dance.

Where’s Petr?

Peter the Anteater cartoon stickers have been found in various locations around campus since Sept. 24. Started by an anonymous student, the stickers are intended to function as a gift to enhance the school’s culture.

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