Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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Alex Chazen

When Competition Clouds Judgement

Competition is present in all of our lives, almost all of the time. We all compete whether we like to or not, for better grades on curved tests, for i

NCAA Encourages Education of Athletes

Pretend you are the athletic director of a school much like ours. You know that your school isn't known for its athletics program, and that your recru

MTV Misrepresents Young Voter Opinion

Here's a riddle for you: What do people who were about 16 years old when Elvis became the 'first modern rock star' have in common with the people who

UCI Sweeps Dallas Baptist

The UC Irvine Baseball team took on the Patriots of Dallas Baptist University on March 6 for their last game of the series. The Anteaters completed

Israel Needs U.S. Support Now More Than Ever

Currently, in Israel, a cease-fire is in place that has been agreed upon by both Palestinian leadership and the Israeli government. Currently, in Wash

UCI Sweeps Doubleheader in Home Opener

On a day with weather that might have well been taken out of Seattle, the University of Washington Huskies traveled to Irvine to take on the UC Irvine

Anti-Zionist Rhetoric Inhibits Peace

Let me preface this article by saying I'm sorry if I sound arrogant, and that I hope this article doesn't backfire, like every other major Zionist/Jew

Apathy Among Young People Goes Beyond Voting

This election was supposed to be different. We were going to change the world with our votes. We were going to buck the trend of the general decline i

Gay Parenting is Just as Good

I set out to write this article about how the legislation in Florida banning homosexuals from adopting children was good, and that the Supreme Court's

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