Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Allison Izon

‘Indiana Jones’ Back and Better With Age

Indiana Jones is back. It has been 19 years since the last film and the only real marks of change are some CGI-heavy scenes and cinematography that is ever so slightly slicker. It is just as fun and fast-paced as any of the older films. In fact, the story and action move so briskly that the two hours whiz by. The banter is still so playfully bitchy and the action sequences so exciting that it makes it impossible not to feel the same way you did when you first saw the original movies.

‘Racer’ Clogs Some Engines

"Speed Racer" comes across as candy for the senses. The constantly dynamic visuals are a rainbow-sherbet, hyper, pop-art assault on the eyes that is stunning and, at times, almost overwhelming. Unfortunately, much like candy, the rush starts strong yet ultimately leaves the viewer unsatisfied.

‘Iron Man’ ‘Steels’ No. 1 Spot

Not only does "Iron Man" epitomize everything a superhero movie should be, but it has what summer blockbusters aspire to: a fun blend of...

R.E.M. Stuck At A Level of ‘Acceptance’

In 2003, R.E.M. released "In Time: "The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003." Then, in 2006, another "Best Of" CD was released based on their pre-major label work. So, how strange must it be for a close-to 30-year-old band who has released two greatest hits albums to release a new CD?

‘Fatboy’ Makes a Bad Run

"Run Fatboy Run," David Schwimmer's directorial debut, is another in a string of schlubby-guy-doesn't-really-deserve-to-get-the-girl-but-improves-just-enough-to-get-the-girl-anyway comedies (see also: "Knocked Up").

Comic Book Adaptations Ruining Franchises

Comic books seem like easy targets for movie treatments. The storyboards, setting and costumes are already laid out for you, and an established ...

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