Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Ali Saadi

Revamp Biology at UCI

The School of Biological Sciences claims to be one of the strongest science programs in the nation. As a result, it aims to educate...

Hey Children, Mind Your A’s and B’s: The Weight of Grades at UC

GRADES: Are UC-wide higher grades a result of increased intelligence or a more forgiving curve?

Political science: Fair, but not balanced

Affiliations: The ratio of Democrat to Republican professors is unbalanced in campus department.

Motion to Release Teacher Evaluations

PROPOSAL: UCI official vouches for release of evaluations to increase feedback and effectiveness.

Public NewSense

Peter the Anteater; Joe and Chris Miller; Wal-Mart; Fertility Cryobank.

The Final Word on Prop 8

Some topics are milked far too much. Proposition 8 is one of them. With so many arguments and retorts, one would think that the cow's udders have no juice left. And he would be correct. To save the cow from exhaustion, let's stop milking and make some butter. Homosexual relationships are as intimate and loving, as intertwined with jealousy and rancor, as shallow and as sophisticated as any other heterosexual relationship. To assume that compassionate intimacy is bound by sexual orientation, or that benign, familial relationships can't be established in certain households, is to milk the chicken and collect the eggs from the cow. However, to assume that the state needs to formally recognize such intimacy is also missing the mark.

Public NewSense

UCI Registrar Office raises fee for verification request; Craigslist moves to curb ads for sex services; Sudanese government censors newspapers; NYC mayor Bloomberg proposes six-cent plastic bag tax.

No ZZZs in My House

Any activity can be an art, as long as it inspires. Lecturing is no different. Throughout one's experience as an undergrad at UC Irvine, one has the luxury of constantly being inspired by a lecture. Some lectures inspire learning and others a siesta. While inspiring mouthfuls of dripping drool can have its glory, the real heroes to any student are those professors who can make an abominable subject digestible.

Public NewSense

Thumbs down all around: McCain Campaign; Dino Rossi; Chicago Cubs.

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