Friday, February 28, 2020

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Anam Siddiq

News in Brief

UCI Gala Raises Over $8.1 Million for Programs 'A Celebration of Stars

UCI Opens Center for Medical Treatment of Stuttering

MEDICINE: New center is the first to use mainly pharmacological and biological remedies to treat stuttering.

News in Brief

Landmark Child Health Study Bolstered by $26 Million Award Among the many generous gifts granted to UC Irvine this year, the campus received $25.9 million...

UCI Peace Activist Ali Shakeri Released

Liberated: Family of former Iranian-American detainee rejoices after his release.

News in Brief

UCI Builds High-Tech Playhouse for Charity Organization A team from UC Irvine's facilities management recently built a high tech playhouse for HomeAid Orange County's Project...

UC Irvine’s School of Engineering Receives $5M

medicine: School of Engineering receives grant for advancement in cardiovascular devices.

Student Center Finally Opens

STUDENTS: After years of preperation, Anteaters are ready to celebrate the newest campus facility.

Summer Box Office Wrap-Up

'Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix' This summer was the 'Summer of Potter.' 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' and...

Surviving Daughter Defends Her Murdered Father’s Troubled Past

DOUBLE HOMICIDE: Mother is hospitalized, father and sister dead; Shayona defends her family.

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