Wednesday, August 5, 2020

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Brittany Baguio

New Media Threatens Privacy

What has the digital age come to when people can't fully control information about themselves that is floating around on the Internet? Many people argue that the value of privacy has depreciated due to this society of open information. This lack of privacy has resulted in a normalized feature of the rising digital culture.

A Taste of Orange County

Writers review their favorite restaurants, sampling cuisines from around the world.

Peer Counselors Stress Assertive Living

COUNSELING: Peer counselors implement entertaining skits to educate students about social skills.

Baby Products May Have Link to Obesity

HEALTH: Research shows toxic chemicals found in baby products could influence obesity in unborn babies.

UCI Mock Trial

The double doors of the court room open as a group of men and women enter, dressed in their Calvin Klein neck ties and form-fitting pencil skirts. No music beats syncopate the sounds of their footsteps as they make their way toward the stand. Judge Mills does not have his gavel at hand waiting to preside over the legal woes of biter exes. This isn't an episode of "The People's Court." Welcome to the National Championship Tournament for the most talented mock trial teams worldwide.

Woman Demonstrates Perfect Memory

RESEARCH: UC Irvine researchers study a woman with instant recall for neuroscience.

UC Regents Propose New Initiative to Rebalance Budget

REGENTS: Groups offer a new plan for UC's future investments in response to California budget crisis.

Student Regent Visits to Discuss Rising Student Fees, Budget Crisis

REGENTS: UC Student Regent addresses tuition hikes, budget proposal and student debt solutions.

Undergraduate Art Sample Success

Strolling along the walkway of the School of the Arts, any informed observer will discover the University Art Gallery building's secret entrance to "Samplings,"...

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