Monday, April 6, 2020

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Braden Buckel

Ongoing Discussion

Debate continues as opposing sides voice their opinions on the divestment resolution.

Speaking for All Students

Former Judicial Board Chair Abdullah Siddiqui takes on the long-empty position of Student Advocate General.

ASUCI Passes ‘Divest’ Resolution

The legislation calls on the administration to divest from companies involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The ASUCI Legislative Council passed Resolution 48-15, calling for the...

Student Advocate Elected

The ASUCI Legislative Council met to discuss problems with ASUCI Fall Elections and to fill vacant positions in Judicial Board and Legislative Council on...

Legislative Branch Holds Open House

Students gather at the open-door meeting to learn about and ask questions to their ASUCI school representatives. The ASUCI Legislative Council held an open house...

Legislative Council: Releasing Vote Records

In its second open meeting, the ASUCI Legislative Council discusses a proposal to record the vote of each member. The ASUCI Legislative Council met on...

Legislative Council Convenes For First Meeting

ASUCI Legislative Council discusses efforts for more student awareness. The ASUCI Legislative Council held their first meeting of the school year last Tuesday, Oct. 2....

No Green for Greece

Many people have heard about the Greek debt crisis and its causes, but there has not been any consensus on what should be done about it.

A System of Checks and Imbalances

Politics: Recent evidence suggests corporations have immense lobbying power at the capitol. By Braden Buckel Staff Writer

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