Monday, February 24, 2020

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Female UC Irvine golfer Selane

NBA Playoff Preview and Predictions

With the NBA Playoffs beginning this week, here's a quick preview of the match-ups and predicted outcomes as the road to the NBA Finals begin.

New Clubhouse Breaks Ground

In 2001, UC Irvine renewed faith in its baseball program when it resurrected the program after a long 10-year absence. On April 18, that commitment will continue to expand with the groundbreaking ceremonies set to begin on a new two-story baseball clubhou

Women’s Tennis Gouged By Gauchos

The young talent of the UC Irvine Women's Tennis team is going to ensure success for many years down the road.

Lack of Originality on Television

There are two things I will admit to you before I vent about television. I do not have cable, thus I am limited to about seven channels, and I am still upset at FOX for canceling the greatest show ever made, 'Arrested Development.'

Women Lose Another Heartbreaker

The stage was set on Senior Night, the final home game of the season, for senior guard Melissa Jacob. However, Cinderella's glass slipper was not meant to fit her or the Anteaters on this particular night.

Partisan Politics Rethought

The debate over abortion and gay marriage has completely taken over the political arena, so here is an oversimplified, compromising solution. Democrats, give up your pro-choice beliefs and Republicans give up your antigay polices.

Anteaters Falter at Home

An attempt at a dramatic come-from-behind victory fell just short for the UC Irvine Women's Basketball team in a nonconference game against the UC Davis Aggies on Thursday night at the Bren.

Democracy Backfires With Hamas Victory

President George W. Bush's push for democracy and freedom across the Middle East backfired dramatically on Jan. 26, as the Palestinian people went to the polls and voted to give the terrorist group Hamas a majority of the seats in the Palestinian Legislat

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