Monday, November 23, 2020

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Hear All About It: A Podcasting Symposium

In the spirit of UCI’s interdisciplinary focus, the Podcasting Symposium on Friday, Oct. 26 was organized and moderated by Professor Jonathan Alexander and co-sponsored by the UCI Office of the Campus Writing Coordinator, UCI Humanities Commons, UCI Illuminations, Department of English, Department of Film and Media Studies, and Department of Asian American Studies.

Chancellor Gillman Talks About Free Speech on UCI’s Campus

UCI Chancellor Howard Gillman visited Professor Amy Depaul’s Literary Journalism 21 class on Oct. 16 to discuss his views on public universities and their obligation to protect speech, regardless of whether it is deemed offensive or marginalizing.

Shocktoberfest Cancelled After Famous Dex Jumps Into Crowd

ASUCI’s annual concert event Shocktoberfest was cancelled following a security and safety hazard which was prompted by midliner Famous Dex, walking into the audience area. Video footage of the incident shows students rushing the floor after the rapper stepped down from the stage, causing a stampede. According to witnesses, the rush of students caused barricades to be knocked over.

UCI Professors express “Himpathy” towards Francisco J. Ayala

Several UC Irvine professors have penned a letter to Science Magazine expressing their concern that injustice was committed against their “colleague and friend,” Francisco Ayala, who resigned from UCI July 1 upon multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

UCI Holds Public Forum On The Kavanaugh Controversy

UCI’s Forum for the Academy and the Public, a collaborative conference and lecture series organized by the Literary Journalism program, hosted a “pop-up” panel on Oct. 2 to discuss Brett Kavanaugh’s controversial nomination to the United States supreme court in light of sexual assault allegations and its impact on American politics moving forward.

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