Friday, July 10, 2020

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UCI Hosts Second Annual ESports Gamer Conference

UCI hosted its second annual Esports Conference that took place on Oct. 10 and 11. The event was a celebration of the players and administrators who have focused their efforts on sharing what makes their community unique and special.

What The New Middle Earth Towers Offer To UCI Students

UCI welcomed a new addition to on-campus housing with the opening of the Middle Earth Towers at the beginning of Fall Quarter 2019. Located directly across the Social Science Plaza, the seven-story building with a glass exterior stands apart from its surrounding stone building neighbors. It holds two towers, connected on each floor by a row of common rooms for 480 residents.

What The 2 Billion Dollar Campaign “Brilliant Future” Means For UCI

UCI announced the official launch of the Brilliant Future campaign, which is the second 10-figure philanthropic effort in its history, on Friday, Oct. 4. Students, faculty and alumni attended the opening of Brilliant Future. Chancellor Howard Gillman, who gave a speech on the funding efforts of the campaign, was also in attendance.

Body Positivity Workshop Part of National Research Study Proves Beneficial to Students

UCI was invited in spring 2019 to participate in the Peer Body Project, an ongoing nationwide research study focused on reducing eating disorder risk factors such as “thin” body ideals and body dissatisfaction. Evidence of the research shows that the program has been effective for participants both at UCI and colleges across the country.

UCI Campus Recreation Kicks off Their Year Of Yoga Event Series

UCI Campus Recreation held a Self-Compassion Yoga day at the ARC on Saturday, Oct. 5 as part of Year of Yoga, a year where UCI is promoting student wellness by hosting and promoting yoga events.

New Forum’s First Event of the School year

An open mic night was held by UCI’s literary journal, New Forum, to kick off their first event of the school year on Oct. 3. Hosted in the cross-section of the School of Humanities, the event became a platform for many voices.

New Changes For Obtaining On-Campus Parking Permits

The UCI Transportation and Distribution Services has recently made some changes regarding parking passes for students. Their official website now states that individuals who “live within two miles of campus, undergraduate residents of Campus Village, and freshmen residents of Mesa Court and Middle Earth” will no longer be able to obtain an on-campus parking pass.

UCI Honors Veterans With A mEmorial Flag Ceremony

UC Irvine honored United States veterans during the UCI Memorial Flag Ceremony this past Thursday, May 23; salutes were made to those both in active duty as well as in the reserve and guard forces. The ceremony, which ran from noon to 1:00 p.m., included military speakers from older veterans to military students who continue to serve this country.

ASUCI Sustainability Project Commission uses A climate change themed​ Escape room

A climate change escape room was held by the ASUCI Sustainability Project Commission in the Cross-Cultural Center during UCI’s annual Earth Week last month. The project’s commissioner, Victoria Nguyen, said the point of the escape room was to provide students with an active way to increase their knowledge of climate change but also to inspire them.

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