Wednesday, May 27, 2020

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Colleen Humfreville

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Do Before You Graduate

The days go by slowly during the week, but then, all of a sudden, there’s only 40 days left until graduation, then 39, 38...

What Makes a Good Teacher

By Colleen Humfreville Staff Writer As you sit in class, with the hard, uncomfortable plastic of the seat pushing into your back, all you can hear...

Making Cards ‘Completely Gail’

By Colleen Humfreville Staff Writer A friend of mine once asked me, “Why do you have to be completely frank with me … why can’t you...

The Vagina Monologues

By Colleen Humfreville Staff Writer “Come buy a chocolate vagina, the only kind you can eat out in public … legally,” Lauren, a bold redhead who...

Le Pain Quotidien Serves Your Daily bread

By Colleen Humfreville Staff Writer The French culture carries an unexplainable mysticism, a distinct culture known for its food, fashion and romance. The influence of France...

Rainy Day Activities

By Colleen Humfreville Once rain starts falling from the sky coupled with the brisk Santa Ana winds, we often run for cover and refuse to...

5 Ways to Avoid That Summer Daze

Here’s my MUST TO-DO LIST before school starts, and before research papers and daily assignments once again become the norm.

Bright Colors, Blazers, and Bling

Frilly frocks, strappy sandals, bright blazers and jewelry that gives just the right shine under the sun; all are indicative of one time of year: summer.

Fashion Fit For Spring: The Twee Revolution

It’s an Internet phenomenon, it’s the beginning of the word “tweed” and it’s similar to the noise that a baby bird makes. This Twee, though, is quite different and is dazzling the streets as people sport this new fashion trend, a creative and eclectic collaboration between Mod, Indie and Retro. Oh my!

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