Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Carly Lanning

TV Taping: Learning to Fake Laugh

There is an extreme fascination with Hollywood in our society today. The basic questions of what celebrities do, where they go, what they own and what they wear rivals that of a catalogued library.

The 32A Story: A is for Awesome!

If my boobs could talk, they would probably say many things. For one, they would probably tell me how much they hated being surrounded by the padding from my high school prom dress. They would probably tell me how uncomfortable it is when popcorn gets stuck down there during a movie. They would probably scream how much they hate Victoria’s Secret because they feel that the saleswomen laugh at them. But most of all, I think they would tell me how hurt they’ve felt that I disliked them for so long, because after all, they probably have feelings too.

I’m a Victim of Styrophobia

My name is Carly Lanning and I have a fear of styrofoam. Don’t laugh, it’s true!

Advice for Fighting the “Ex” Factor

Relationships are complicated, plain and simple. When two people fall for each other, there is chemistry, kisses, arguments, hurt feelings, smiles and … exes....

Parents of Murdered Children

When tickets became available for “The Dark Knight,” I was the first in line. I absolutely could not wait to see the movie. I...

Learning About Family History and Celebrating New Traditions

During the endless days of STAR testing, we all got used to our No. 2 pencils, reading comprehension stories about inane things, little paper...

I Love Practical Gifts!

The holiday season is now upon us as we begin our hunt for the perfect tree, snuggle up with someone special next to the fire, eat gingerbread cookies and take pictures with the mall Santa.

Happily Ever After?

Take a moment to think of a fairy tale. You may be conjuring images of prince charming, frog kisses, a castle, a villain or a strong man saving the princess. And they all lived happily ever after. Russian fairy tales, on the other hand, do not include a princess charming or a beautiful maiden; they include evil old witches who eat children.

Reigning Cats and Dogs

For Barack Obama, a good day at the office includes not having an employee kidnapped, making a empowering speech of hope to the American people and being able to maintain peaceful relations with about 200 other countries.

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