Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Cat Moore

Greek Awards 2008: The Drama Behind Shiny Trophies

Just when you thought you couldn't care less about Greek life, New U proves you wrong.

Freshly Squeezed Gossip: The Sour Grapes of

This week in Beat the Greeks: Douchebaggery makes everyone look bad, survey says

Get Your Jazz Hands Ready:Charity Songfest 2008

For one night a year, the Bren Events Center turns into a Greek playground for UC Irvine's fraternities and sororities. Streams of letter-clad patrons...

Kappa Sigma: Greek Community Damaged

Update 8/7/2019: This article has been updated to include the second half of the story. Previously, the article was published incomplete. Mike Nemzek had one...

Feeling Old in Sorority Life: Over the Hill at 21

'Cat! Get up! The buses are leaving!' I utter a defeated groan as my roommate begins chucking clothes around the room while frantically pulling...

The Rush to Stereotypes in an Academic Environment

It's 9:35 a.m., and I am screwed. I hurl the covers off my bed, roll into whatever clothes are closest to me, grab the...

Forget Greek Row at UCI, Newport Beach will Suffice

Nearly every weekend, I kick myself for not living in Newport Beach. Don't get me wrong, my sorority house in Arroyo Vista is lovely....

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