Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Colin Murphy

UN to Humanity: Eat Plants or Else!

In an earth-shaking study that appeared last month, the UN made an inflammatory claim: “A global shift towards a vegan diet is vital to...

Earth Balance vs. Butter?

If you are a vegan or anti-saturated fat, you’ve probably sought out alternatives to butter. Earth Balance, a popular alternative, is a “natural” spread...

For the Love of Food

Who doesn't love food? It's a bit hard not to dig digging in when your life depends on it. Plus, food's just delicious. So what can be said about it? A fascinating, underrated place births it: the land. Without food, we can't do business, play piano, tune into "America's Next Top Model" or defend against telemarketing solicitations. As a consumer species, we are indefinitely and inextricably bound to the land. Without food, we are nothing. Now grab my hand, and we'll take a waltz down the history of food in modern times.

Sustainability or Bust

In the United States, we've come a long way environmentally; however, anthropocentrism still pervades our society.

Bush Admin. Ignorant of Global Warming

The British Broadcasting Corporation has published a poll that demonstrates international support for mitigating Earth's changing climate. The survey appeared soon after 80 world...

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