Wednesday, June 23, 2021

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Christina Nersesian

Faculty Master Class with Jerzy Kozmala

Internationally renowned violist Jerzy Kosmala participated in the second Faculty Master Class last Monday as part of an inaugural series of events organized by the UC Irvine Music Department. Students performed pieces from some of classical music's greatest composers to a diverse audience of professors, students and community members.

‘Freudemocracy’ Gets Political

Nestled near Cyber-A Café in the revamped corners of the UC Irvine Art Department, the University Art Gallery has been the venue for some of the most intriguing art exhibits. From studio art seniors exhibiting their collegiate work to guest artists utilizing a multitude of media platforms, the installations have always been insightful and thought-provoking. "Freudemocracy: 2008-1968" is no exception; it reaches a vast arena of existence, spanning time and space alike. Its content renders ideas not only important to the curators of the exhibit, but also to the current social and political state.

Kaufman Goes Mental in ‘Synecdoche’

t seems as though with the release of "Synecdoche, New York," the inevitable and long-awaited directorial debut from one of cinema's most prominent writers has finally come to pass. Charlie Kaufman creates a world where he plays puppet master for not only the verbal level of character interaction, but for the film's overall display as well. Kaufman's work is enhanced by the truly all-star cast, which runs the gamut of Oscar worthies to independent film starlets. While the audience experiences the stellar script materializing before its eyes, the content does, however, veer off course as things wind down into overly symbolic and somewhat impractical referential gestures.

An Impressive Debut for Claudel in ‘Long’

There's an unspoken desire in most of mankind to live a life of unconditional love and perpetual care. Parallel to that lies the fear of being utterly forgotten and ultimately ignored without reason. First-time film director Philippe Claudel delves into these underlying themes with "I've Loved You So Long."

Music Exhales Love in ‘Playlist’

Love stories have narrative arcs that no doubt withstand the test of time. It's for this reason, however, most feel that when they've heard one, they've heard them all. It's rare that in this day and age, artistic media produces a love story with any inkling of originality. It's probably what makes director Peter Sollett's latest, "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," such a breath of fresh air.

Peter Through the Ages

So you found out you're an Anteater. You probably haven't started practicing chants of "Rip ‘Em 'Eaters" for sideline cheers just yet, and you may have to ignore the snickers for a while when you tell your friends back home your sporting event war cry is a ferocious, "Zot!" And how about explaining to them that accompanying hand gesture? Haven't heard of it yet? Try bringing together your thumb, middle and ring fingers to make hind legs and a tail. Have your index and pinky fingers stand tall to make arms ready for a bear hug defense. Your hand may cramp now, but it'll become second nature by Winter Quarter. It's your Anteater, and it's reared and ready to attack...

TV on the Radio Progresses on ‘Science’

TV on the Radio is the kind of band that continually embraces a very experimental nature. Each track is a cohesive exploration of sound and harmony, a sign that the band continues to seamlessly transcend genres and styles.

A Bit of Spanish Flair in ‘Barcelona’

There's a reason why Woody Allen's latest film's title is a sole statement of the film's lead characters and location. For a director who has made his life's work an explicit form of storytelling, we should expect nothing less. "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" is no exception to this established mode of filmmaking.

Crossed Paths Thrill in ‘Roman’

With immense talent to share with a world of film patrons across the globe, French film director, writer, cinematographer and producer Claude Lelouch has been steadily creating masterful works since the early 1960s.

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