Sunday, April 18, 2021

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The Election’s Failure Promotes Compromise

It seems that the temporary brain fart that allowed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to be voted into office during the California Recall Election in Nov. 2002 has dissipated and Californians are beginning to smell more clearly.

Iranian President Lacks Moral Character

For those of us who have been attentive to the geopolitics of the Middle East, we cannot help but frown upon the irresponsible manner in which Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has conducted his state's foreign policy.

ASUCI to Appoint New Legislative Council Representatives

An increase in the student population of the School of Humanities led to the creation of a new Associated Students of UC Irvine legislative seat, whic

Alam Speaks on Queer Muslim Issues

To commemorate National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, Faisal Alam, the founder and former director of the gay Muslim support group Al-Fatiha, spoke about

The Situation Isn’t Hopeless

Whenever I watch an American media outlet's coverage of anything related to Israeli-Palestinian politics, I can't help but shout at the television thi

Thrice Live at the Bren Events Center

On Oct. 7, Orange County-based Thrice headlined a sold-out show at the Bren Events Center with supporters Underoath, The Bled and Veda. This was the f

Lack of Respect Plagues

We're not in seventh-grade anymore, but when students chatter full-volume in classes and teachers implement mandatory attendance policies,

Gaza Pullout Not the Answer

The disengagement plan, or more precisely, the plan to evacuate Israeli settlements from the Gaza Strip and a portion of the West Bank,

Official Efforts Exhausted

With great interest and frustration, I read the Sept 19. article entitled 'Zionists Allege Discrimination.'

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