Monday, March 8, 2021

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Erasure and Mischaracterization: Dia de los Muertos as a Latinx Culture

Mexico’s Day of the Dead, a custom that continues from Oct. 31 until Nov. 1, has recently ended.

Trump’s Comments on Birthright Citizenship Mostly Weightless

In a recent interview with Axios, President Trump mentioned that he plans to pass an executive order that revokes birthright citizenship to children of...

Ben and Jerry’s “Pecan Resist” Flavor Nothing More Than Political Pandering

Ben and Jerry’s, just a week before the midterm elections, released a new flavor of ice cream called “Pecan Resist” as a criticism of Trump’s presidency.

FYF: From the Underground to Coachella Jr.

FYF 2018 has been canceled, and the organizers explain that they “felt unable to present an experience on par with expectations of our loyal fans and the Los Angeles music community this year.” Other outlets, however, are reporting a more direct explanation: poor ticket sales.

Why Are We Even Listening to Kanye?

Celebrity is a powerful thing. Once we get it into our heads that a given public figure has earned our continuing attention, it becomes difficult to look at them from any other perspective.

Orange County’s Sanctuary City Amnesia

I was born in Los Angeles in 1995, and California has been my home ever since. I’ve always felt a lot of pride in...

Why does Unpaid Maternity Leave Still Exist in the United States?

Imagine being a parent in one of the world’s most advanced economies, and still having to choose between job security, your relationship with your...

The New Serial Killer: Laundry Detergent

An impaired driver, bombs, guns, and radiation. These are a few things in a long list of items that can harm children, but recently,...

Are We Really Doing the Best We Can for Mental Health in Schools?

How many times have you come across a news article or video on social media depicting the death of an adolescent who has committed...

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