Sunday, July 12, 2020

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Goodnight Moon, Goodnight Early Death

Being a college student definitely takes a toll on one’s sleep, and lack of sleep can cause more harm than just an unappealing physical appearance. A study published in Sleep Journal, a peer-reviewed scientific and medical journal, found that inadequate sleep could actually lead to premature death. A good night’s rest is extremely important, yet so many college students do not get sufficient sleep because they are too busy studying or socializing with friends. It is imperative that students realize the importance of sleep, and how their physical and mental health can be affected.

Stand With The Eleven

Through the course of history, protests have always proven to be an essential element in preserving the democracy that we hold on to so dearly. Protests are a form of expressing dissent to certain events and policies. Most importantly, the act of protesting is protected through our First Amendment right of freedom of speech, and to be punished for peacefully exercising this right is completely unreasonable. Despite this, the district attorney of Orange County recently subpoenaed six UC Irvine students and compelled them to testify before a grand jury regarding an event that took place about a year ago.

Kanye West’s ‘Twisted’ Masterpiece

Everyone seems to have an opinion about Kanye West these days. Some hate him, others love him and there are very few people in...

Barack Well Received in SoCal

President Barack Obama stopped in Los Angeles on Friday, Oct. 22 to rally voters in preparation for the upcoming California election. The event, entitled...

Drawn and Quoted

Favre Favre Away – In an edge-of-your-seat 24-hour period where I never changed the channel from SportsCenter, ESPN reported that Brett Favre was done...

Can You Hear Me Now? No!

I went down to the Apple Store the other day, full of excitement and anticipation, ready to unnecessarily drop an excessive amount of money...

Drawn and Quoted

Whirled Cup – Regardless of what you may be reading in our Sports section from time to time, there is not a single honest...

Drawn and Quoted

Meth is a Hell of a Drug – It turns out that the guys that were supposed to be regulating offshore drilling in the...

Drawn and Quoted

Don’t Bank On It – Last week, the Senate passed a financial reform bill. Well, sort of. They basically did the same thing they...

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