Monday, March 8, 2021

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Denise Miller

UCI Getting Kind: May Marks Month of Kindness for Campus

livekind: One lucky winner channels the winning spirit by organizing celebrations for the Month of Kindness.

LA Schools Cut Futures

EDUCATION: An inordinate amount of pink slips lead LA teachers’ jobs in jeopardy this year.

Researching Eyes of the Butterflies

RESEARCH: UCI researchers examine how butterflies may have evolved, using vision to find mates.

The Tax Man Comes to UCI: Tax Advice for Students

HELP: The New University offers some tips on doing your taxes as a typical poor college student.

Help: Getting Financial Aid

School: While the fee hikes cripple many students, financial aid and scholarships are always available.

UC Irvine Students Hold Yet Another Rally on Ring Road to Protest Fee Hike

FEES: As the students begin to pay the actual fee increase for winter of ‘10, the protesting and rallies continue.

Bicycle Accident Leads to the Question: How Safe Are “Fixies?”

BIKES: An incident near Mesa Court serves as an example as to why fixed-gear bikes are dangerous.

CARL and the Brain

ROBOTS: In UCI’s Cognitive Science Department, a rodent robot gives insight to the human brain.

Meeting To Discuss UC’s FutureMeeting To Discuss UC’s Future

VOICES: A meeting held by the UC Commission for the Future reveals the concerns of students and faculty.

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