Monday, March 8, 2021

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Daniel Johnson

Civic and community engagement minor starts in September

Class: A new minor for 2009 engages students, allowing them to transform their passions into units.

The Race Winds Down: UC Student Regent 2010-2011

By the end of this month, the UC Board of Regents will officially appoint the student regent for the 2010-2011 year. Although it is unknown for sure who will get the appointment, two UC Irvine students have advanced to the final three considered candidates.

Staff Farewell by Daniel Johnson

In my adventures as a ram, a highlander and finally an anteater, I have always tried to keep my head up or at least intact. That being said, the universities where I have held these various titles have not always made this easy.

Public Transit: Driving for a Better Commute

Driving from Irvine to Los Angeles is hardly an enjoyable experience. Even when traffic is light, it is tough to make the drive to L.A. in an hour, and when there is rush hour traffic, one can generally kiss a big chunk of an afternoon goodbye.

An ‘iFest’ation of Israeli Culture

Festival: Events welcome students and community members to partake in educational series.

Kentucky Fried Steroids: Probing the Safety of Horse Races

Although the 2009 Kentucky Derby ended with a thrilling win when the horse Mine That Bird achieved a 50-1 long shot victory, horse racing continues to be marred by the events of last year’s derby when second-place competitor Eight Belles was euthanized after suffering two broken ankles. Unfortunately, not all horses in this year’s derby went unscathed, as shown by various injury reports from ESPN.

A Bit of ‘Santa Monica’ in Orange County

Andrew Tonkovich, a lecturer in the English Department, presented two readers from the spring 2009 edition of the Santa Monica Review at the UC Irvine Bookstore on Thursday.

The UAE Builds Bridges From the USA and Beyond Through Soccer

While men’s baseball may be the team to watch at UC Irvine for the rest of spring, the soccer season never ends for some international students.

Week of Controversial Events Erupts in Protest

Awareness: Muslim Student Union hosts week of events highlighting plight of Palestine.

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