Staff Farewell by Drew McCarroll

So after five long years, this is what it comes down to. I’ve got about two more weeks before I graduate, and find myself tossed into the post-graduate world. I have to say that I’ve had an eventful time here at Irvine. The school definitely lives up to its reputation, as the campus I leave behind looks quite different from the one I entered as a freshman. I like to think that I’ve had a pretty encompassing experience here. I’ve lived in Middle Earth, Campus Village, Vista Del Campo Norte, Stanford and was eventually forced to move back home for a year and taste commuter life, so I’ve encountered varied aspects of the school that many may never know.

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Heroes and Hollywood: Screen Adaptations of Comic Books

There’s something that’s been bugging me for the past few weeks. Ever since the release of “Watchmen,” I’ve seen a lot of people and critics continuously belittling the film. I come before you now to say: really? You’re saying that “Watchmen” was disappointing? Now, let’s be clear. Yes, the graphic novel was better. Of course it was. The book is always better.

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Revelation: Thou Art A Nerd

For the past year or so now we’ve heard about this “change” thing floating about. But I propose that we’ve borne witness to a change even more drastic and far-reaching than anything else before: the integration of the nerd culture into the mainstream. But when did this happen? And how could such a revolutionary change go unnoticed? There are many factors, but I tend to believe that it all started in 1997. It was in this year that Square released “Final Fantasy VII.”

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