Thursday, June 4, 2020

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David Syatt

Political Cult Invades UCI: Don’t Be Deceived

You see them on campus with signs proclaiming the evils of the Bush Administration. You listen to their words and believe that they're preaching...

Abstinence-Only Sex Education Fails to Teach Truth

Doesn't the old saying go that we have to make the future a better place for our children? Well, with a new bill signed...

Requirements Unnecessary

I've done my time. In order to avoid taking a foreign language in college, I took three years of French in high school. Three years in a class taught by a phlegmatic, 70-year-old woman who told us how great the war in Iraq was because her husband was an

Young’s Latest Is a Heart of Tarnished Gold

Neil Young, with his unmistakable voice and melodic lyrics, has been a constant staple in American music. But his latest album, 'Living With War,' which is wrought with controversy because of its strong political statements, seems to be more of a gimmick

Spanish Anthem Nothing New

Voicing their strong opinion and flexing their united strength, thousands of Hispanic immigrants skipped work on May 1 in order to attend a nationwide protest known as 'A Day Without Immigrants.'

Politics Dictate Disapproval Of Marijuana by the FDA

Partisan politics has once again leaked into the medical community. The Food and Drug Administration has recently issued a statement declaring that marijuana has no medicinal value and can no longer be prescribed to patients by doctors.

The Drinking Age Limit Reconsidered

Everybody went to Mexico for Spring Break. Even President Bush and the Canadian prime minister went to discuss immigration and border policy. I, however, was there not to debate immigration, but rather to jump over another border, chiefly the border of Am

Pro-Lifers Use Religious and Sexist Reasoning

South Dakota's Gov. Mike Rounds (a Republican) recently signed a bill banning abortions in nearly all cases, including rape and incest. Though this bill will be opposed and hopefully overturned before its induction on July 1, this law is a bad omen of thi

Holocaust Denier Punished

Amid the chaos that has erupted throughout the world over the question of free speech, a new controversy has sprung up in the country of Austria, where British historian David Irving was arrested for publicly denying the Holocaust.

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