Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Elysabeth Hahm

I See London, I See France! How to Travel on a Budget While in Europe

There are a ton of perks to studying abroad: meeting new people, learning a foreign language, eating delicious new food, and so on. But one of my personal favorites has been the ease and affordability of traveling to other countries during my stay in Lyon, France.

One Tongue-Tied Traveller is Lost in Translation and in Over Her Head

One of the biggest challenges to overcome while studying abroad is the language barrier. Whether you’re in Barcelona, Tokyo, Rome or Paris, there is always a wall that blocks communication between you and everyone else.

The Best Way to Get To Know a Foreign Country: Be Homeless

Greetings from Lyon, France, where I have been homeless for the last month. Well, kind of. The EAP Full Immersion Program in Lyon, France warned participants of two things: classes are taught in French and housing is not provided. Yours truly interpreted this as, “Elysabeth, you’re going to become fluent in French and you’re going to have a lovely flat in Lyon, France for four beautiful months.”

Newport Beach Film Festival Goes Big

Over the course of last week, the 10th Annual Newport Beach Film Festival showcased over 400 films from 45 different countries at Edwards Island Cinemas in Fashion Island and Lido Theater in Newport Peninsula.

Shanghai Reveals Its ‘Two Faces’

Rather than turning left to go to the Loan Reserves Desk or making a right to the couches and study cubicles, students should take 20 steps straight ahead.

Literary Orange

On a typical Saturday morning at 9 a.m., UC Irvine's Student Center would be silent and empty, with the exception of a few over-achieving students trying to get ahead at the beginning of a new quarter. Normally, the sun's rays would be reflecting off the tables in the bare studying areas and the windows of the large meeting rooms.

24 hour Mad Film Dash

With 15 minutes until midnight on Friday, Feb. 20, 76 groups of UC Irvine students began filling the grassy amphitheater located near the ArtsTEC Lab in the Claire Trevor School of Arts. As the high level of energy and exclamations of excitement echoed through the halls of the arts center, there was no hint that students were about to endure 24 hours of exhausting and extensive work.

Make-A-Wish For Better Digs

SHOWCASE: Students model fashion to raise money and awareness for the wish-granting organization.

Bird Soars to Brand New Heights

On Tuesday, Andrew Bird will again prove to fans that mastery and untouchable talent are the makeup of success on his new album "Noble Beast." Whistles, violin loops and poetic lyrics will remind us once again why Bird is so good at what he does.

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