Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Evita Huang

Know Your Rights in Uncertain Times

Despite the ample talk of military affairs as well as rumors of a draft circulating, it's easy for the average college student to be apathetic about w

Rainbow Fest Celebrates Diversity

UCI has gained a reputation for its high Asian population, but believe it or not, it hasn't always been this way. Twenty years ago, UCI staff and fac

VDC Complex Provides Transition

Vista Del Campo has been referred to as 'the rich place,' 'a resort,' 'the place where everything looks the same' and simply, 'too nice.' No matter wh

Just Like Home

Welcome to UCI! This is going to be an amazing and challenging year for all new students. For all you freshmen who are new to the area, this campus ma

Taiwanese Politics Discussed

Discussing the recent controversial razor-thin results of the Taiwanese elections in a speech entitled 'The 2004 Election and Beyond: Taiwan Politics

New Web Site Gives Shy ‘Eaters A Forum For Communication

UCI students now have a new alternative:

UCI Faculty Has Its Own Shining Stars

In a university where the vast majority of students are occupied in some area of the biological sciences or engineering, it becomes all too easy for t

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