Monday, September 28, 2020

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Emily Reiter

Cargo and Lucky Magazines: A Shopper’s Best Friend

I don't know how many people think of this when it comes to defining entertainment, but it's one of my favorite ways to entertain myself: shopping.

What Makes Up Your Songbook?

Nick Hornby, author of 'About a Boy' and 'High Fidelity,' recently wooed me over yet again with 'Songbook.' Currently amidst midterms, new-job stress

Premiere Magazine Offers Another Movie Perspective

OK, OK, so you've probably heard of Premiere Magazine before, and now you're thinking, 'Big deal. This isn't news to us; Em must be running out of ide

For the ‘First Word In Film’ Check Out Fade In Magazine

Call off the search: we've got the first word in film.

‘Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself’ Soon

'It gets more and more humiliating every time I survive.' After Wilbur, of the film 'Wilbur Wants to Kill Himself,' utters these words to his brother

DIW Magazine is a Look at the Independent Music Scene

After two whole UCI quarters of scavenging magazine racks, I never dreamed that there might be enough publications out there to sustain yet another qu

Movies Opening In Theaters March 19

For those of you who never saw 'The Safety of Objects,' you're getting a second chance to experience an ensemble cast at its best. Already exhausted

Ingenue Magazine Takes Hollywood From a Different Angle

It was the launch issue of Ingenue that first caught my eye in November, and just judging by the cover (which really shouldn't be done, according to t

Music Magazine Tracks Is On the Right Track For Musical Splendor

'A chicken is kinda like a cup of coffee.' These are the words of Dave Matthews, an excerpt from his piece on page 102 explaining why chickens in the

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