Thursday, March 4, 2021

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Emily Reiter

TA Strikes Come at a Bad Time

First it was Albertsons. In their sixth week of striking, grocery store employees are still fuming over the slash in health care benefits.

Independent Artists Galore in ‘Paste Magazine’

I resolved to remove Jason Mraz from my CD player for only a moment in order to test drive the music sampler that came with the October/November 2003

News in Brief

Social Science and Criminology Merge At UCI Conference UCI's nationally recognized faculty in criminology, law and society held a conference entitled

News in Brief

UCI Center Chosen for Preventative Cancer Research, UC Irvines Claire Trevor School Selects New Dean

Brand New’s Album ‘Deja Entendu’ is Brand New

There's really nothing brand new about it. Four talented musicians from Long Island found each other and started out playing local clubs and bars. A r

Interview Magazine Focuses on Future Stars

The last fashion magazine I bought was the August 2003 issue of Vogue. Sarah Jessica Parker smiles coyly from the cover, adorned in a cleavage-baring

Dragge of Pennywise Dispenses PennyWisdom

With turn-offs that include the government and major record labels, it's no surprise that the fruit of guitarist Fletcher Dragge's labors is Pennywise

Youth in Politics to Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote, an organization dedicated to engaging youth in the political process, will hold the Democratic Presidential Candidates' Forum in Boston

News in Brief

Bicyclist Hit and Killed in Collison

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