Sunday, May 31, 2020

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Eva Vieyra-McDaniel

Ehrenreich Finds a Job

For all who were raised to believe that an education, a strong work ethic, good personal hygiene and an indomitable drive to succeed are all you need to get a career in today's America

An Intimate Portrait of John Lennon

One of the most popular names in music of the 20th century is once again the subject of another book. John Lennon, singer and songwriter most well-kno

Jumpstart Your Year With Quality Playtime

UC Irvine is home to many different kinds of clubs and organizations that work year-round to provide aid or service to the communities around them. On

The Barclay Bursts With Simple Charm

The lobby of UC Irvine's Barclay Theatre was buzzing with people the night of April 27. People from all walks of life were present: the meek, the book

W. Crew Rows to its Fifth Collins Cup Title

If you have ever watched a men's and women's UC Irvine rowing competition, you've seen firsthand how difficult it is to be a competing member of that

UCI Takes the Lead After First Day of Invite

On Saturday, Jan. 8 at the Anteater Aquatics Center, heat was foremost in everyone's mind. In fact, heat was everywhere on Saturday, except outside.

Miracle Match Needs Minorities

This fall, Lambda Phi Epsilon is sponsoring the Asians for Miracle Marrow Match bone marrow drive at UC Irvine. Bone marrow drives attempt to find don

UCLA Puts UCI Away In The 4th for A 6-4 Win

Saturday night at Anteater Aquatics Center equaled a loss for the UC Irvine Men's Water Polo team against UCLA. The final score was 6-4 with UCLA succ

Battling Back

A scholar-athlete, a track and field star and a graduate student

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