Friday, July 10, 2020

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Eugenia Wong

ASUCI The Battle of the Bands

At this year's Battle of the Bands put on by the Associated Students of UC Irvine's Student Services, eight bands were selected to grace the stage in front of the Administration Building out of a countless amount of applicants that were screened by ASUCI'

Tokyo Rose and the ‘New American Saint’

The promising New Jersey indie rock band Tokyo Rose performed a solid set at The Alley in Fullerton on March 29.

Stars on ‘Fire’ at The Avalon in Hollywood

For their first performance at The Avalon in Hollywood, the band Stars announced that this would be their last time touring with their third full-length album 'Set Yourself on Fire,' which was released only last May with Arts & Crafts records.

We Are The Fury: Automatic Hit with Head Automatica

Smear on the glittery eye makeup and get your dancing shoes on for the fury of We Are The Fury unfurling across music venues in North America this spring and summer.

Rooney Rings in New Year with New Album

Ending their year with a performance at The Chain Reaction in Anaheim on Dec. 1, Rooney tested some new songs from their upcoming sophomore album and prepared for the beginning of another promising year.

Rocket Summer’s Saccharine Fueled Around the Clock Tour

The Rocket Summer's performance at The Glasshouse on Nov. 12 was like eating a gigantic bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows.

Benefit of the Bands: Rocking Out for Katrina Victims

Natural disasters don't arrive on time as if they were expected; neither do they choose whose lives to ravage and which families to spare or tear apar

Veda and Underoath are Sacred and Sober at the Bren

Complete with enough head-banging and back-breaking guitar lashes to make a chiropractor salivate at the mouth, supporting bands Underoath and Veda op

Scary Kids Scaring Kids on a School Night

For their first headlining tour and debut at Chain Reaction on Sept. 29, the members of the indie rock band Scary Kids Scaring Kids were serenaded by

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