Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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Eli Heller

OCMA ‘Collects’ an Eclectic Mix

In celebration of the opening of “OC Collects,” a contemporary art exhibition created in honor of its 50th year in existence, the Orange County...

Untherapeutic Conversion

The “Oh! Mommy! This song is amazing! Who sings it?” seven-year-old me asked my mother from the back seat of our Ford Explorer, as...

Asencio Ascends in Laguna Exhibition

Ascencio's exhibit in Laguna Beach reveals the artist's techniques.

‘Magic Mike’ Is No Tease

Tatum and Company delight audiences with their moral message and toned bodies.

“Funstyle”: Liz Phair’s Journey Through the Genres

“Liz Phair? Oh, I’ve heard of her, but I can’t actually name any song by her.” It is likely that Phair’s sixth album will change...

Phil Collins Goes ‘Back’

In his newest album, English recording artist, composer and musician Phil Collins covers eighteen Motown songs released in the 1960s, during his childhood years. “Going...

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