Friday, July 10, 2020

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Isaac Espinosa

Borderlands 3’s Timed Exclusivity Draws Unnecessary Backlash

Gearbox Software’s announcement last week that “Borderlands 3” is releasing to PC players with six month exclusivity on the Epic Games Store has sent gamers into a frenzy as their favorite online services are finally facing competition.

UCI Makes History with Mesa Court COuncil’s First Drag Show

Mesa Court Council’s first-ever drag show hosted larger-than-life performances, emcee’d by Mayhem Miller, in Winifred Smith Hall, Mar. 6.

Vundabar Lives Up To Its Name at La Santa Show

Despite a last-minute venue change, Vundabar with The Red Pears and The High Curbs delivered a wild, varied, and unforgettable set on Feb. 16 at La Santa.

UCI’s Jazz Small Groups Enthrall with Passion and Rythm

Besides the fantastic music, it was awesome to watch passionate people envelop themselves in their art. The ensembles all clearly had fun. Even if they hadn’t performed as well as they did, isn’t that all that matters?

‘Eaters Finish Strong beat Montana 60-51

UCI beat the University of Montana basketball team on Dec. 8 after an arduous but well-played neck-and-neck race to the final buzzer.

Eater’s Fall to Utah State 63-87

UCI fell to Utah State on Dec. 1 in one of their most anticipated preseason home games. Utah, second seed in the Mountain West Conference, was expected to make for good competition, having only lost one game. However, their defense and consistent shooting locked out UCI to a 63-87 defeat.

Album Review: Antarctigo Vespucci’s “Love in the Time of E-Mail”

Falling for someone hurts. Wondering whether they feel the same way about you, the crushing realization that they don’t, and the steps to return to a normalcy that can never be recovered are painful.

Megyn Kelly Deservedly Punished for Blackface Comments

Megyn Kelly recently defended blackface on NBC’s “Today” show, leading to the cancellation of her morning show and sparking discussions regarding her future employment with the network.

The Advisory Council on Campus Climate and Inclusion Hosts “Greek Table” Event

The Advisory Council on Campus Climate and Inclusion’s “Greek Table” on Oct. 16 framed a three-course meal around three professors’ mini-lectures regarding the general philosophical benefits of eating while talking with others.

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