Five Times Faster

The last week of April is, for those in the know, Shakespeare Week: the week when the Bard of Avon was baptized (on April 26, 1564) and died (on April 23, 1616). To my mind, no film released this Shakespeare Week does more to honor his legacy than Justin Lin’s “Fast Five,” the fourth sequel to 2001’s “The Fast and the Furious” and the latest since 2009’s “Fast & Furious.”

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Go Green? You First!

Earth Day has passed once again (let’s hope you planted a tree and picked up some litter this Saturday), but that’s no reason for us to get lax on our personal ecology. Saving the Earth is easy, after all. As a species we may be living at the edge of a precipice, but — if the “Go Green!” boosters are to be believed — there are simple things we can each do every day to avoid a cataclysm.

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Racism, Still A Problem

There’s a broad strain of American political discourse that considers race a myth, an illusion that, if we work diligently to expose as false, will wither away into the dustbin of history. A greater and more pernicious one is the old myth of social progress; that racism is a musty old problem that, as time passes, becomes less and less of a vital issue.

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