Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Joel Marshall

Harper vs. Trout

YOUNG: Two of the hottest rookies in decades have inspired arguments as to which is better.

UCI Going for the Gold

COMPETITION: Discover UCI’s involvement in the Olympic Games, both past and present.

As the Game Changes, So Should the Rules

NATS: Major League Baseball came down on Cole Hamels too hard after plunking rookie phenom Bryce Harper.

Microsoft Invests in the Nook

Last week, Microsoft invested $605 million in Barnes & Noble’s digital reader business, which produces both the Nook e-reader and the Nook digital tablet. As a result of the investment, Barnes & Noble will create a new subsidiary, Newco, in which Microsoft will hold a 17.6 percent stake. But honestly, I don’t really care about the numbers, and you probably don’t either.

Sports In Brief 5-8

SIB: Redshirt freshman Pete Fernandez and sophomore Allan Jun led UC Irvine at the Big West Conference Men’s Golf Championship

Bad Apple Factories

Apple has been in the media spotlight a lot recently, but not for the debut of the new iPad or rumors of the next big product offering from the multinational tech giant. Two weeks ago, the Fair Labor Association, an industry watchdog group, released the findings of their investigation into the working conditions at the Foxconn factories in China, Apple’s largest supplier, finding widespread overtime compensation problems, as well as safety and health concerns. During peak operation the average employee worked more than 60 hours, and in some cases seven days a week. Of the 35,000 randomly selected employees surveyed by the FLA, 43 percent said that they had experienced or witnessed an accident.

We’re Bounty Hunters Too

If someone offered you $1,500 to separate someone’s shoulder, tear a ligament in their knee or give them a concussion, what would you do?

The GOP Candidates Are Fake

A month ago it was Newt Gingrich; now it’s Rick Santorum. Mitt Romney was trending at some point in between, but no one really noticed, or maybe no one wanted to. Romney is the candidate the GOP yawns over, with the candidate of the month consistently coming in and stealing his thunder. The thread I see running through all these other candidates is their authenticity, or at least the appearance of it, especially in relation to Romney.

What’s Up With the GOP?

Only 10 days ago Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary by a sizable 12.6 points, and seemed to be riding a wave of momentum that would have given him the GOP nomination — or at least would have made the race with Mitt Romney close down the stretch.

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