Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Jasreen Gupta

Sweater Weather is Better Weather

Simply thinking about autumn — the colors, the weather, the mood, the food, the people, the costumes, the comfort — infuses this heart-lifting feeling...

Inaugural Delegation Returns

DIPLOMACY: Students from the Olive Tree Initiative's first trip to Armenia and Turkey share their experiences. By: Jasreen Gupta

Service in Leaps and Bounds

community: UC Irvine students of various faiths unite in order to address issues of local hunger and poverty. By Jasreen Gupta Staff Writer

Soulstice Performers Aim for the Stars

Talent: UC Irvine launches the student-run Soulstice to showcase the abilities of its students. By Jasreen Gupta

Tips For a Great Workout Session

Are you not the most athletic person? Do you ever feel the urge to go to the ARC after eating Mesa Commons food? Are you unsure of how to properly exercise? Well have no fear! Working out is not as intimidating as it might sound. There are so many options that you can pick from.

Creative and Artsy on Etsy

Have you ever thrown a party and had left over bottle caps, perhaps after New Years? Maybe you have gone for a jog around the park and seen some goose feathers on the concrete. One wouldn’t usually pay attention to these inanimate and seemingly useless objects — but one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many people around the world use these findings to create jewelry or to accessorize clothing and sell it on a website known as Etsy.com.

Peppermint Bark

During the holidays, everybody has their own favorite treats. Some people prefer freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, others indulge in hot chocolate and eggnog...

Family Matters

TWINS: The Kruip and Johnson brothers have carried the water polo program the last four years.

Behind the Scenes: Beauty Pageant

Many people believe beauty pageants to be a simple representation of how attractive someone is, but this perception is false. Beauty pageants are a...

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