Monday, December 6, 2021

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Jane Hagen

Letter From The Managing Editor: Addressing Faulty Assumptions Made By The ASUCI Senate Parliamentarian

Usually a letter of this nature comes from the Editor-In-Chief, but given that the Editor-In-Chief is the reporter in this situation, this is a...

San Diego Synagogue Shooting Kills One Injures Three

A 19-year-old suspect, John Earnest, is in custody after a shooting at a San Diego synagogue on April 27, which left one person dead...

Student Bicyclist Seriously Injured In Collision On Campus Drive

A UCI student was left seriously injured on Jan. 11 following a collision between the student bicyclist and a Lyft vehicle. The accident occurred...

Katie Porter Talks Platform After Appearance at Early Voting Event

Katie Porter, the Democratic candidate for the 45th Congressional District, cast her ballot while participating in Early In-Person Voting at UCI alongside Olympic figure...

Irvine city council candidate drops off 86-year-old mother to panhandle at UTC and Laguna Beach

Irvine city council candidate David Chey was caught on camera leaving his elderly disabled mother on a city sidewalk in Laguna Beach to panhandle...

The Primary Election: Why it Matters

An event detailing the significance of this year’s primary election was hosted by UCI’s Department of Political Science within the School of Social Sciences last Thursday, featuring panelists including political science professors and students.

Getting to Know UCI Law Dean Richardson

L. Song Richardson, UCI Law School’s new dean since January 2018, is the only woman of color to be leading a top 25 law school.

California 45th District Candidates Talk Platforms

The New University sat down with the Congressional candidates for CA-45 to discuss their campaigns and what sets them apart.

A look at the inaugural class of the Anteater Leadership Academy

UC Irvine introduced the Anteater Leadership Academy (ALA) program in June 2017 in an effort to "allow UCI to flex capacity to meet demand,...

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