Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Jeffrey Lo

V-ball Slumps Against CSUN, UCSB

VOLLEYBALL: UCI endures tough losses to No. 2 CSUN and No. 11, playing rotation still in flux.

Rockin’ out with dj hero

BAEATMASTER: DJ Hero proves to be a worthy addition to the faux music video game genre.

Beyond The Outer Layer of Sports

SPORTS: The sporting world and its deeper ties, broken down on an emotional and personal level.

’Eater Nation Helps V-ball Retake First

VOLLEYBALL: A group of UCI fans travel to Fullerton to help the Lady Anteaters sweep the Titans.

UCI Drama Presents New Musicals

THEATER: The UCI drama department opens the door to their theatrical laboratory of brand new musicals.

A UCI Fan Tells Us About Fanship

FANS: UCI sports are blowing up right now. This is one fan's account of how to be a part of this evolution.

When in Rome: ‘Nero’ is a Short-Lived Pleasure

When Nero, the last emperor of Rome, realized that he has a public relations problem, he summoned Scribonius to write a play that would turn the public opinion of him around immediately. What followed is Amy Freed's "You, Nero," an eye-pleasing spectacle about the events in Nero's palace during the declining years of the Roman Empire as extravagant as the Roman Coliseum itself.

“Take Me Out” Comes Out Swinging

There is perhaps no time in our country's history more vital than now for Richard Greenberg's "Take Me Out," the 2003 Tony Award winner for best play that encapsulates so much of America's inner psyche. Much like America, the play focuses on issues of racism, masculinity, homosexuality and religion while still making room for something as "insignificant" as baseball. The catch: Baseball isn't so insignificant.

T-Pain’s “Thr33 Rings” Carries a Painful Tone

There are few people in today's rap game that are as easy to hate on as T-Pain. He runs around with overly extravagant clothes, refuses to let go of his vocoder and Auto-Tune, and even worse, he sings the hook to everybodys' songs. So it's no surprise that he sounds like a featured artist on his own album.

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