Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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Jocelyn Kim

Intelligent Machines

According to Marvin Minsky, intelligent machines will preserve maps of human cognitive processes for all eternity. Minsky, a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, spoke on the future of inte

Beware of Dealership Crooks

How much would you charge to perform a task that literally takes a minute of your time? Ruben, a customer service agent at the Norwalk McKenna Volkswagen service department, recently quoted me $100 for a task that literally took a moment.

Economics Major To Split

With almost 1,100 students enrolled in the economics major at UC Irvine, changes in the undergraduate program will affect many. The restructuring of the major and introduction of two new majors, business and quantitative economics, will take effect fall 2

CCC Opposes ASUCI Funding Changes

Members of the Cross-Cultural Center's Umbrella Council are have accused the Associated Students of UC Irvine of changing external program funding guidelines without the consent of the affected student organizations.

Globalization Critics Disrupt CDF Lecture

Students from campus groups including Students for Peace and Justice protested globalization on April 26 outside Social Science Lecture Hall. They voiced their opposition to the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Series speaker, Jagdish Bhagwati, professo

High Suicide Rates for Asian-Am. Women

Although Asian-Americans have the highest suicide rate among all women, there has been a lack of research on the topic. This lack of information attracted Eliza Noh, assistant professor of Asian-American studies at Cal State Fullerton, to research the sub

Expansion of Anteater TV Requires Increased Budget

Operating on an annual budget of $5,000, Anteater TV only has one paid staff member and numerous volunteers to produce shows on the Associated Students of UC Irvine-sponsored Web site. ASUCI president Carlos Feliciano hopes to increase the budget in the f

There Are More Than 50 Books Better Than Racz’s

The name Justin Racz might not ring a bell to the average person, but those of us who peruse enticing book titles at Urban Outfitters might be familiar with his two other '50' books, '50 Jobs Worse Than Yours' and '50 Relatives Worse Than Yours.' His new

Yet Another UCIMC Scandal

Toward the end of last year, reports surfaced on the shortcomings of the UC Irvine Medical Center's Liver Transplant Program. While the investigation of the liver transplant program continues, documents obtained by the Orange County Register reveal simila

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