Friday, February 28, 2020

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Jessica Pratt

Film Students Receive Due Props

FRAMES: For its 12th year, the Zotfest Film Festival returned with awards for the best young moviemakers.

Narrative As A Memoir

READ: Once more, the Author’s Series brings forth sage writers James Brown and Victoria Patterson.

“Ready, Set, Film!”

ACTION: You’ve got 24 hours ... GO! The Mad Film Dash comes back for its seventh year at UC Irvine.

Student Initiative Vies for Middle East Studies Major at UC Irvine

Think back to 9/11. Fears were heightened, cultures were generalized, stereotypes were formed. A false perception was generated that the Middle East was a place inhabited entirely by “terrorists,” and gradually evolved into a taboo subject in America.

Spreading Health Awareness

We all remember the lessons from elementary school: the videos, workbook activities and guest speakers that continually told us that smoking, drugs and alcohol were bad.

Simple Living with a Purpose

With the hectic lives of college students revolving around classes, homework, jobs, family and friends, it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back from the complexities of life and find joy in the simple things. Natural occurrences such as the setting of the sun or the sweet tune of a bird become buried and unrecognized underneath the infinite demands carried by students.

The Carbon Diet

GREEN: UC Irvine’s Real Food Challenge group asks: what can you do to reduce your carbon footprint?

Little World Community Organization

Off in a small Pakistani village, a woman and two children form a tiny circle on the floor. The woman gently stitches her needle in and out of a piece of fabric – the base of a gorgeous pink and white flower is starting to form. The two children gaze at their elder in awe. Hope and excitement glimmer in their eyes – they know that in time, they will be able to help make these beautiful greeting cards as well.

Thankful for Teachers

Perhaps it was the collection of Beatles and Albert Einstein posters. Maybe it was the two couches that lined the perimeter of the room....

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