Friday, February 28, 2020

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Jillianne Salaver

FEAR Tales form UCI and Beyond

Like many other UCI students before you, you may consider this place to be pretty boring and devoid of anything worth talking about. Well, here are so

Two Fins Up to a Hilarious ‘Shark Tale’

Yes, it's another fish cartoon and no, it's nothing like 'Finding Nemo.' Now that we've settled that, 'Shark Tale' can be appreciated for what it is:

No More Sunshine

So I'm not graduating. I'm not as old as Mike, Natalie, Phong or Poops yet. But I am writing a goodbye because my Sundays will no longer be taken up b

Moore Mandy!

Not only is she famous and beautiful

Mes de la Raza

While there are many active cultures and ethnicities at UCI, many students believe that there is always more room to educate and present these culture

Attracted to Brosnan and Moore

Surely we've all heard those love stories about women being swept off their feet by their prince charming and being carried off to their castles and l

The College Gourmet

With the sun coming out and the green starting to grow, being outdoors is something many students will prefer over being locked up indoors studying.

Poker Club at UCI

Poker Club at UCI

Confession: Lohan is a Teenage Drama Queen

High school might have been torture for a lot of people. Especi-ally if the richest, prettiest and most popular girl in school decided to make it her

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